Project Description

Abednigo Valdez Shaka Ngcobo was born in Cato Manor near Durban, started playing soccer at a very young age. He played for African Bush Rangers as juvenile. In 1968, he played for Rand Koreans, and in the same year he was promoted to playing in the First Division. He played First Division for several teams, such as, Union Jacks, Zulu Royals, and African Wanderers.

In 1972, Ngcobo played for Kaizer Chiefs and in 1975 he played for Denver Dynamos in USA. While in USA, he played for Minnesota Kicks in 1976.

In 1980 he moved to South America where he played for a team called Penarol. In 1981, he came back to South Africa and returned to his team Kaizer Chiefs until he retired in 1985. Ngcobo ran a taxi business in Alexandra and passed away in November 2014.