Vejaynand Ramlakan, A True Living Legend!

Not many doctors have lived lives quite as exciting (or impressive) as Lieutenant General Vejaynand Ramlakan. Popularly referred to as Vejay, the now retired medical doctor has been through military training, seen the inside of Robben Island as a political prisoner, and was the personal doctor to former South African president, Nelson Mandela. As a member of uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK), Ramlakan transferred across to the South African National Defence Force when MK was incorporated into it in 1994. Having systematically worked his way up the […]

Gift of the Givers & SAFMBackToSchool

Typically when we think of aid agencies we imagine them working in war-torn countries or helping out when disaster strikes, but what happens to the people left behind once the hype has died down, and people have moved onto the next news story? Gift of the Givers, recipients of a 2016 Living Legends award, provide ongoing to support to people who need it most, like the learners at Marikana Primary School. An area already punished by poverty was worsened […]

Alzina Zondi, A Name to Remember

Every year the eThekwini Municipality calls for submissions from the public for people they think are deserving of a Living Legend Award. Nominations come from far and wide, with recipients of the prestigious award ranging from Members of Parliament to wonderfully eccentric doormen who do our city proud. It is through this public process that we get to discover and celebrate unsung heroes; people who have done so much for so little in return.

Tu Nokwe: No Rest for the Wicked

It’s a bit exhausting to read the antics of the wonderfully talented Tu Nokwe, recipient of a 2016 eThekwini Living Legends award. Born into a family of musicians Tu has spent her life surrounded by music, and it seems has never stopped adding to frenetic creativity that surrounds her famous family. With a jazz musician for a father, and an opera singer for a mother, it would have been surprising […]

Cedric Nunn: Continuing to Unsettle

You get all sorts of photographers – people who take photos for weddings, for fashion shoots, of interiors, for art itself – and the reasons for taking photographs are just as varied. For some the need to not only capture what’s happening in society, but to make a lasting impression on viewers, and perhaps even bring about real change, is what drives them to take photographs. This is the case with Cedric Nunn, photographer, political activist, and recipient of a […]

Happy Holidays!

Christmas is upon us and it’s time to bid farewell to 2016 as we usher in the New Year! The eThekwini Living Legends team would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and a blessed new year – we hope that you get to take a few days off to enjoy the sights and sounds of our wonderful city!

A massive thank you to all of our 2016 awardees who help to make Durban […]

Dr Sazi Dlamini

If you were out and about in Durban last Sunday you might have been lucky enough to hear the rhythmic tunes of 2016 eThekwini Living Legend, Sazi Dlamini, as he entertained the crowd gathered for the Bat Centre’s ‘Sunday Jazz Sundowners’. Dlamini was playing alongside Matthias Abächerli and Mandla Zikalala, with Dlamini using traditional Nguni musical instruments, such as a bow and drums. Dlamini is dedicated to the preservation of indigenous music and crafts […]

2016 Global Citizen Award

Sadly so often Africa is seen as a continent in need of help, reliant on outside assistance for financial aid, so it comes as a welcome respite when one of our own is acknowledged for the charitable work that they do, not only on our shores, but around the world. Last month Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, founder of the Gift of the Givers Foundation, was awarded the prestigious Global Citizen Award by UK-based firm Henley & Partners. The prize of $50 000 (US), […]

Shop Local This Christmas!

When people think of African craft they tend to imagine the type of goods that you find for sale along the Durban beachfront, and while the work that those traders produce is phenomenal, much of it hasn’t kept up to date with contemporary tastes. Professor Kate Wells, recipient of a 2016 eThekwini Living Legends award, took it as her mission to develop the skills of the men and women producing traditional craft in South Africa, so that they could produce […]

A Shining Light

Most Durbanites will have seen the giant Christmas tree that makes an appearance every December in Jameson Park, but what many people aren’t aware of is that the tree is actually part of a Highway Hospice charity drive. The Tree of Light is erected at the end of the year in memory of lost loved ones, with donations helping to fund the running of the Hospice, which relies largely on the public for its […]