Dr Sazi Dlamini

If you were out and about in Durban last Sunday you might have been lucky enough to hear the rhythmic tunes of 2016 eThekwini Living Legend, Sazi Dlamini, as he entertained the crowd gathered for the Bat Centre’s ‘Sunday Jazz Sundowners’. Dlamini was playing alongside Matthias Abächerli and Mandla Zikalala, with Dlamini using traditional Nguni musical instruments, such as a bow and drums. Dlamini is dedicated to the preservation of indigenous music and crafts […]

2016 Global Citizen Award

Sadly so often Africa is seen as a continent in need of help, reliant on outside assistance for financial aid, so it comes as a welcome respite when one of our own is acknowledged for the charitable work that they do, not only on our shores, but around the world. Last month Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, founder of the Gift of the Givers Foundation, was awarded the prestigious Global Citizen Award by UK-based firm Henley & Partners. The prize of $50 000 (US), […]

Shop Local This Christmas!

When people think of African craft they tend to imagine the type of goods that you find for sale along the Durban beachfront, and while the work that those traders produce is phenomenal, much of it hasn’t kept up to date with contemporary tastes. Professor Kate Wells, recipient of a 2016 eThekwini Living Legends award, took it as her mission to develop the skills of the men and women producing traditional craft in South Africa, so that they could produce […]

Donations for Flood Victims

The summer rains have finally come, and while South Africa is in desperate need of rainfall, certain areas could have done with it being a bit drier this week! Ethekwini Living Legends awardee, Give of the Givers, have had their hands full in Johannesburg where they have been offering emergency assistance to those worse affected by the flash floods that hit the city on Wednesday. Hundreds of people in the township of Alexandra have been displaced by the rain which destroyed homes, […]

Gift of the Givers, A Mercy to All

The Gift of the Givers Foundation is much like one of our other Living Legends awardees, the Highway Hospice, in that it’s an organisation that most of us take for granted. It’s been around for going on 25 years, and is a name that we hear more and more these days as the reach of the NGO extends further and further, as does the need for its support. But when you […]

Lucas Nel: Achieving the Unachievable

Lucas NelLucas Nel, local marathon runner, was 87 in 2011 when he received his eThekwini Living Legend award – an age by which most people would definitely have packed away their running shoes. But not the case with Nel, who two years after he received his award set the World Masters Record at the age of 90 for the 200m in Brazil, with a time of 38,04 seconds – a record that […]

Naledi Pandor, Offering Hope

naledi-pandor1Anyone who’s ever heard Naledi Pandor speak will understand why the current Minister of Science and Technology has been honoured with an eThekwini Living Legends award. Despite her family having been forced into exile in the early 1960s, Naledi Pandor has spent the majority of her adult life focused on education in South Africa, and the important role that it plays in bringing about real social and economic transformation.

Whether it’s encouraging young women to participate […]

KZN Society for the Blind

Every year, as part of eThekwini Living Legends, the city chooses to honour one or more organisations that have contributed in a meaningful way to Durban and its residents. This year the KwaZulu-Natal Society for the Blind received an award for the work they do in assisting people with total or partial loss of sight.

Most of us will be aware of the weaving work that members of the Society do, as well as the shop in Umbilo which […]

2016 Living Legends Videos

videosLast month the ICC in Durban played host to the ninth annual eThekwini Living Legends awards evening, but for those of you who weren’t able to attend we’ve compiled a series of videos featuring each of our 2016 Living Legends. Just click on the Videos tab on the menu bar and the latest video will appear. To see which other videos are available for viewing click on the top left […]

The Highway Hospice: Extending its Reach

Most of us associate the Highway Hospice with cancer, because that’s what the organisation is best known for, but the Hospice offers palliative care for patients suffering from any life threatening disease that is no longer responsive to curative treatment, not just cancer. And not only do they minimise the suffering of the ill, but also that of family members who require counselling and support – often it’s hardest for the people left behind. Based in […]