Black businesses that excelled within the municipality and were at the forefront of transformation and empowerment of black business during the apartheid years were honoured.

“It’s this tireless work that has encouraged the growth and sustainability of black business, and the awards seek to encourage black entrepreneurs as economic players within the National Development Plan,” said mayor Themba Njilo.
“It’s really an honour to be one of the inaugural recipients of this award,” said Shoaib Moosa, Chief Commercial Officer of Willowton Group.

“Willowton Group has always remained true to its values of manufacturing only quality products for the South African consumer, empowering those from disadvantaged backgrounds with employment, training and, eventually, economic independence, as well as giving back to the South African community. This has been achieved through our support in education, sports, workplace training and community upliftment programmes. We firmly believe in treating others as you would like to be treated and this is how we approach every decision.”

The Willowton Group are eThekwini Living Legends of 2014.