A teddy bear is a comforting toy for both young and old, but at Bobbi Bear, a non-government organisation, the bear is used to cross language barriers so that sexually abused children can share the nature of their abuse on it.

Jackie Branfield, the founder of Bobbi Bear, has been working with children since 1994. With the use of the bear, the organisation has helped bring justice and healing to every child who has come through their doors and helped prevent, in any way that they could, further sexual abuse of children.

Within 20 minutes Jackie Branfield and her team are capable of establishing whether a child has been sexually abused and, if so, when. If it happened within 72 hours, the child was taken to hospital for post-exposure prophylactics.

The organization is also a point-of-rescue operation and does an after-care of the victim when he/she has been through courts.
Jackie Branfield is an eThekwini living Legend of 2013 and currently spends her time working and aiding through her non-government organization Bobbi bear.