naledi-pandor1Anyone who’s ever heard Naledi Pandor speak will understand why the current Minister of Science and Technology has been honoured with an eThekwini Living Legends award. Despite her family having been forced into exile in the early 1960s, Naledi Pandor has spent the majority of her adult life focused on education in South Africa, and the important role that it plays in bringing about real social and economic transformation.

Whether it’s encouraging young women to participate more in maths and sciences, or discussing the importance of children being taught in their mother tongue, the issues that Pandor raises in the course of her work are ones that make valuable contributions to the advancement of South African society. With a combined sense of humility and passion, Pandor is able to engender hope for the future of our youth at a time when many South Africans are feeling confused and somewhat despondent about the state of education in our country.

Click here to listen to Naledi Pandor speak at the Globalization of Higher Education Conference in 2014, during her tenure as Minister of Home Affairs.

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